I fell in love with the girl I book as companion

Falling in love is the feeling you cannot resist when it hits you, it hits you, and you cannot escape. I am James Sears, single, twenty-six years old and financially stable. I am an owner of a digital marketing company in Austria. My life is excellent and comfortable. I can buy everything I want and playgirls too. I don’t trust girls since most of them are after your money. I don’t want to waste my parent’s efforts and hard work to a girl that is a spender. And I have also learned with my past relationship, what I become now is because of her. I met her at a party; she is the daughter of one of the board members. She looks perfect with her red dress. Her beauty stuns to everyone. I love her blue eyes and curve lips. She drinks alone on the terrace, so I went up and join her. We talked for a while and agreed to meet again tomorrow. I ended my day happy and inspired. I prepared everything for today, flowers, chocolates and a human-size bear.  I have set up a restaurant to accommodate us privately. I have fetched her since everything is well. We have discussed everything about ourselves, and both of us enjoy. It’s not the last because it has followed a lot of dates, we seem comfortable with each other and eventually became official. Little did I know, she has other guy entertain? When I’m about to surprise her, I was the one who is surprised when I saw her kissing another guy. I throw the flowers and punch the guy. Throw a dirty finger with them and went away. From that, I don’t want to commit again. I flew to London to relax and booked a London escort from https://charlotteaction.org/ to accompany me. She is undeniably gorgeous. I fetched her and went to a coffee. She is the quiet type; she hasn’t put any makeup on her face and a simple dress. She is simple. We talked about her, and she shares her dreams in life. I admire her determination. When I get to pay her an extra amount, she declined it. We meet again tomorrow, and she treats me because it is her birthday. It’s my first time to experience being treat by a girl. Her simplicity makes her more beautiful. I went home and can’t forget the girl, so I have booked her again at London escorts. She has proved me that not all girls are after money or cheater. I have known her overtime and courted her. She has never disappointed me with my expectations. I fell in love with the girl I book in London escort.

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