The saddest part of being in a relationship – Archway Escorts

Have you ever wondered why people still choose to leave you when you have given your all? According to Archway Escorts, the saddest part of being in a relationship is to call it quiet. When everything you have shared becomes a memory? I was in a relationship with James. We are seven years together and live together. We are college sweethearts and love each other, according to Archway Escorts from He courted me for almost two months before we became official. He was always there to offer a shoulder when I cry. He was there when my grades are failing and stop. He was there when my parents broke up, and I still hold a grudge towards them. He was there when no one was with me. I love him so much that I forgot to enjoy myself a little more. We barely fight, and he was the one to apologize. I was his only princess before, and he never let me cry. He buys me my favorites. James has spoiled me a lot. I have depended on him for everything, and I allow myself to continue that way. He never lies and told me everything. He was my happy pill every time I’m sad. He makes surprises and loves letters during our anniversaries. We love to travels and spend time at the beach. I find the beach so relaxing and peaceful that I forgot I have some personal issues too. When I’m with him, I feel safe and secure. He has continued his studies, and I have supported him. I hate my family, and we fight a lot. I hate dad for having a mistress and my mom for not giving our family a second chance. She was so depressed and sad that she doesn’t go to work anymore. She spends a lot of sleepless nights, drinking and crying. Our home became painful, and so my family is. I feel like my parents were dead when they are alive. My life becomes messy, and I hold on to James for everything. Months passed, I have told James that I will be living with him since renting a house. At first, it was okay, and I am the one who does the household while he is in school. I have prepared everything before he arrives. I have given my all to him, and he was my world, according to Archway Escorts. But everything has changed after a year. He always came home late and drunk. He spends too much on his friends. He always scolds me for little mistakes. He has beaten me more times. I have accepted everything he did to me. I love him and don’t want to lose him. He is the only one I have. It pains me that he has seen someone else who was a degree holder and him pregnant her. I love him so much, but he chose to break my heart. Love is not enough to make someone stay.

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