I cant stop but fell in love with a London escort

London escort is one of the best people that i know in my life like the girls from https://escortsinlondon.sx. She’s been with me the whole time to help me fix everything that i messed up at all. Such lady in my life really gives me happiness and fulfilment. I could not stop myself loving a wonderful person in my life because she is the one that never stop loving me despite of everything. I thought things will fall into place with my ex girlfriend. Before i met a London escort, i have an ex-girlfriend that i truly love. She is my childhood crush, ever since the day i have huge admiration for her. We became friends, and grow together. We have lots of good memories back then. She has to go to continue her study in the US, i was so devastated but thanks to technology who keep us together. We keep updating each other every day, talking about stuff and missing each other very much. It was summer, the long wait is over, my friend Anna is coming back to town. I cant deny the excitement i had in me. I also made a surprise for her, i created a tree house just for us. I put there all my love letters i wrote every day when she is not here. Anna went home; she looks like a foreigner to me. She became a lot prettier and i really love everything about her that moment. But something in her i discovered, after she went to US, she adapts an American culture, she became liberated and im in shock of it. When i brought her to the tree house, we made out of love because she wants too. I thought that was love that is why I am happy because we have the same feelings. I told her that we are now a couple officially after that which she agreed too. I am in love with her at that moment, but things turns out when she slowly changed her attitude. She flirted to a lot of boys; she keeps showing her skin in social media and even entertains other people. I found out that she and my classmates make out which i really mad about. We broke up and stop talking to her. My family sends me to London to switch my feelings towards my ex-girlfriend. Few years passed, i met a London escort that really changed me into a better person. She is the reason why i believe in love again. For so many years, i was numb and try to distance myself from women. But London escort is kind of different; she has something special that i do care about. I love spending time with her, she makes me happy and keep making surprises. I think London escort is much more in love than i am which i am so happy about. This time, the relationship i have with a petie escort is serious.

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