She is a complete prima dona

My friend Shirley is a complete prima donna. I am not sure how long she has been with is at Southall escorts of, but it feels like forever. Whenever we are on a night out, all you can hear is Shirley’s voice. There is always some sort of drama going in her life, and you never know what is going to happen next. The funny thing is that the most unexpected things do happen to Shirley, so perhaps it is a good thing that she is a bit of a prima dona. She seems to be able to handle these things.

Out of all of the girls at Southall escorts, she is the most demanding one. I am not sure how she actually gets on with escorting at times, but she is certainly in control. The gents who she dates seem to be running after her, and she is forever demanding that they do this and that. But, they are very loyal to her, so I guess that she has something going for her, but I still thinks that she is a little bit over the top.

The other day, I had to go to the nail saloon, and the first voice I heard when I came into the salon was Shirley’s voice. One of the other girls from Southall escorts were with me, and we both looked at each other. Did we really want to stay and have our nails done at the same time as Shirley? But we braved in and fortunately for us she left about ten minutes later. It turned out to be a relaxing experience after all, and a glass of champagne made it go even better.

Shirley has given me more than a few laughs, and out of all the girls at Southall escorts, I think that she is the one with a genuine heart of gold. Maybe this is why her gentlemen like her so much, and enjoy being with her. I have noticed that the more mature older gent is perhaps drawn towards her. She loves nothing better than to take them shopping, and when she is not busy doing that, she sorts out all of the little problems that they have. I think that they kind of see her as a motherly figure who likes to look after them.

It did not surprise me to find out that Shirley is a Jewish girl. Last week I bumped into her when out shopping for some bits for my new flat. I was dying for a cup of coffee and she dragged me back to her place. Normally I don’t get a lot of time to spend with any of my colleagues from Southall escorts, so it was nice to have some time with Shirley. She turned to be an immense help, and a week later, I found that my flat looked amazing thanks to Shirley’s talent as a decorator. I even ended up with a feather boa in the bedroom – who is a prima dona now?

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